Contest Classical Greek, classical philosophy and art design 2005


The cultural meeting point Hellenikon Idyllion organises a contest this year, that combines classical Greek, philosophical thinking and artistical development. The aim hereby is to kindle interest for the Greek culture and to encourage the occupation with the ancient time.

For pupils and students from 16 years old and older.

We would like to ask you to hand this letter to interested pupils/ students in your class/ course. Thank you.




  1. Choose a philosophical phrase/ quote from the Greek ancient time!

(Please name the philosopher quoted)



  1. Interpretation

Possibility 1: Explain your quote in your mother tongue!

Possibility 2: Explain your quote in old Greek!


While interpreting, you should think of the following:

a)      Explain why you chose this quote and describe the meaning of it!

b)      For which reason is, in your opinion, the old Greek language suitable for explaining the sense of the philosophical quote?

c)      “It is useless to study classical Greek, because it is not a spoken language anymore.” Take position to that statement.


Your interpretation (a-c) should be 1 page at maximum and should be written in type size 11.


d)      Design

Design a poster to present your Greek Quote. A translation of your quote in your native language should be included as well. Design your poster in the format DIN A4. Write your name in the lower right corner. The design of the poster is completely up to you. You can paint or draw, make a collage or design the poster on your computer. Use as many colours as you want and use a format (horizontal or high size) of your choice.





            The jury consists of three teacher of the EU (High school). One of the members of the jury is Mister Werner Schulze, composer, scientist and professor at the University for music and art in Wien.

            Their decision is final and uncontested.

The rating includes the philosophical interpretation, the understanding of the classic Greek language and the artistic design.

With their participation, the students agree on us using their contribution unrestrictedly. The names of the winners are going to be published in the internet.


Closing date


The contributions of the contest (only one contribution each participant) are to be sent until the 30.07.2005.


Mail:                             Hellenikon Idyllion

                                    GR – 25100 Selianitika


Name, age and the address of the participants and also the address of the school and the names of the teachers should be given.




The draft versions are going to be rated separately in two different categories: “pupils” and “students”.

In each category are going to be given three first and three second prizes for each, the interpretation in Old Greek and in the Native language.

All participants will receive a certificate. The best participants of each category win a free holiday in Hellenikon Idyllion for two persons. The six winners of the first price are invited for two weeks and the six winners of the second price are invited for one week to stay in the Hellenikon Idyllion. For the stay of an accompanying person we give a discount within agreement. The accommodation is in double or triple bedrooms.


Meeting Point Hellenikon Idyllion


The Hellenikon Idyllion is an artistic and cultual event and meeting place directly on the beach in the middle of a big fruit, grape and flower garden in the typical Greek bathing resort Selianitika on the North West coast of the Peloponnes. It is where orchestras, choirs, theatre or painting groups, school classes, families or individual travellers and fans of the Old and Modern Greek language and culture meet. Seminars, recitations, symposiums, exhibitions, contests, concerts and festivals are organised here. For more information, have a look at our website:


Support of the Old Greek language


From the 7th until the 21st of August the seminar “Talk Classic Greek together and read senseful texts” will take place for the 13th time. Also, the Attisch” contest is going to take place the 7th time.

On our website ( you can find more information about these events. Amongst other information, you will find the results of a contest honouring the poet Pindar that we organised on the occasion of the Olympic Games 2004.


School classes, that study Old Greek and bring self- written Old Greek texts with them to discuss on site, are given 30 up to 50 percent discount on the costs of the stay. (Please contact us to find an agreement on that matter)

If you go to Greece with your class this year, then stop in Selianitika and visit our Garden of the muses.  If you want to get to know the Hellenikon Idyllion on-site, it would be a pleasure for us to invite you as a teacher or you and a delegation of your school for a little’test stay’ to Selianitika.

We would be happy to welcome you here! If you have any kind of questions, feel free to contact us!


Yours sincerely


Andreas Drekis

Founder and manager of Hellenikon Idyllion



Agon Aretes 2005 - Results

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Statement and awarding of the prizes from the  jurymembers  Prof. Dr.Werner Schulze - University of Arts and Music Vienna,  Helmut Quack - Graecist, Husum und Julia Diamantopoulou - Graecist, Athen.


The number of contributions and their quality surprised us:

26 contributions were made - more by women than by men – from 3 nations (23 Germany, 2 Argentina, 1 Spain). The group of pupils (16-18 years) entered the majority of 23 works in the contest. The task was hard. It demanded both intellectual and creative content.  An equally great level for the text and the poster was hard to achieve. That is the reason why we decided to honor everyone with a prize. We suggest to award a special prize to the best poster: Nadine Steiner from Germany. She entered 2 posters. Quote Werner Schulze: “Both on a very nice artistic and philosophical level.”

A special prize for originality will go to MARIA PÄTZOLD- student in Leipzig. Her contribution is text and poster in one. An additional special prize is awarded to MARIA ALEXANDRA LÓPEZ GABRIELIDIS (Universidad Nacional de Cuyo) from Argentina for her high quality text and poster.

The contribution from EVA BOTTLER (Kaiser-Heinrich-Gymnasium) from Germany is also worth a special prize.  Quote Helmut Quack:” Eva Bottler chose a more original saying and appropriately used Christian thoughts to support her argumentation. She also give a more elegant reason for learning Greek. GERRIT KURZT (Kieler Gelehrtenschule),  JUDITH HOF (Johannes-Turmair-Gymnasium Straubing), THOMAS ROSENHAMMER (Robert-Schumann-Gymnasium), EVA HENKE (Katharineum zu Lübeck), MAXIMILIANE BERGER (Gymnasium Casimirianum Coburg), JÖRG VON ALVENSLEBEN (Katharineum zu Lübeck) from Germany and CRISTINA RADOS (Universidad del Salvador) from Argentina also deserve a special award for their exceptional work.  In the group of students we award one special prize to ADRÈS MOULINS (Universidad National de Cordoba).

For the first prize in the categorie for pupils we suggest KLEONIKI RIZOU (Kieler Gelehrtenschule) from Germany. Both the expressive poster and the text are exceptional.

Quote Helmut Quack: “Kleoniki Rizou enchants the reader by her casual and easy tone. The big words which usually describe ideals about education  are totally missing. Like a new Alice in Wonderland she takes the reader by the hand and awakes in him the same love for the greek language abd culture that live in her.”

JOHN RAUTHMANN (Augustinus-Gymnasium Weiden) from Germany
is one who wrote his complete text in ancient Greek and is awarded the first prize.

A commentary by Julia Diamantopoulou:”Flawless use of the attic dialect combined with his own style. Felicitous examples in every area to illustrate the philosophical saying. His own conclusions about wisdom and the happiness that the learning of the ancient Greek language gives one form the details no matter if the language is still spoken or not.

The young people found a lot of good arguments for the protection of the ancient Greek. Plenty of enthusiasm for the Greek culture and language were expressed. The contributions which were awarded a price were those which took a less well known philosophical saying as a basis for a high quality analysis and an artistic poster.


The prizes are:

For the first place a written recognition and a big briefcase with stamps from the Olympic Games 2004 in Athens with the title “the champions” and a two weeks stay with a companion in Hellenikon Idyllion.

The special prize is a special briefcase from the Olympic Games 2004 in Athens.

All special price winners and all other participants with their interesting contributions will get a written recognition by mail and a one week stay at Hellenikon Idyllion ( time of stay only in accordance with prior arrangement).

It was not easy for us to choose the winners from the great variety of contributions. The great distance made the collaboration with the jury members also difficult.

We apologize for the late Announcement of the competition results. We would like to publish your photo aside your text and poster on our website if you send us one.

Thank you for your participation

The jury members Prof. Werner Schulze, Helmut Quack, Julia Diamantopoulou and the initiator and benefactor Andreas Drekis (founder and manager of Hellenikon Idyllion)


For all the  Pictures with Text click here!!