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Why should you  spend your winter holiday 
in Hellenikon Idyllion?

For everyone who wants to escape from the cold winter or the christmas rush at home, Hellenikon Idyllion offers a great mixture of relaxation, art and culture and all this in a maritime climate with temperatures of up to 20 degrees (for the cooler nights there are electric heaters).
For those of you who plan a longer visit in our house and who want to do telework: We are able to provide the hardware and the software.

Reservation and Accomodation for the Winter
by Andreas Drekis, Hellenikon Idyllion. Tel. 0030 26910 72488 or mobil 0030 6972263356
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If you want to relax, you can do it in our garden. Pick and enjoy oranges, grapefruit, lemons and vegetables from our ecological garden. When the sun is shining many hollywood swings invite you to relax.Rejoice in the idyllic silence and listen to the sounds of the birds and the sea. Some people are even induced to swim in the cold sea when they see the blue water. Or they go fishing next to the native anglers (it's permitted).







Our "stone oven days" are especially popular:  We prepare a delicious meal in an original stone oven. A delicious aroma wafts through the garden and attracts people. Finally, we eat,drink and celebrate together.

Skiing fans can rent equipment and go to the skiing resorts in the Chelmos mountains (only 85km away) by taxi,train or car. Infos directly at Hellenikon Idyllion.

Chelmos- mountain (2300 m) Skiing in a mythological atmosphere above the Styx Fountain

Ski resort Kalavrita/Chelmos For more informations click

Musicians should bring along their instruments; others their ideas (poems, pictures...)
If you wish to take lessons in drawing, painting, Greek language, piano, violin and (by appointment) in other instruments, it can be arranged.
Tennis fans can play and take lessons at the tennis courts in Egion (6km).You can spend cosy evenings at our fireside or cooking Greek specialities. Together we will play music, discuss and philosophize.

Take a trip to the antique sites of Delphi, Epidaurus, Korinth...or travel round the lovely landscape. Likewise, many Byzantine convents invite you to visit them. For our winter guests we have worked out more than 20 different routes - some of them even follow the unearthed traces of Pausanias.
All places can be reached easily by renting a car, public transport or a vernicular railway. The trips will give you a good impression of Greece because in wintertime there aren´t many tourists here and the weather is pleasant for sightseeing.
Guests who are interested in music have the opportunity to visit a concert in the theater or concerthall at the university of Patras (half an hour's drive from here).
For those who are eager for knowledge, we have a library with videos, books and magazines about music, culture and nature.
The taverns in Selianitika are also open in winter, and offer Greek meat, fish and vegetable specialities. One of the bars provides live Greek music with Bouzouki instruments and dances at the weekends.

Highlights in winter:
Spending Old Year's Eve together with Greeks is a great experience.Enjoy "Lukullus" meals with wine, dancing and music in a tavern next to the seaside until 4 o´clock in the morning (costs up to 20 Euro).

A highlight in March is the carneval of Patras, one of the biggest events in Europe with about 15.000 participants. From January 15th onward, there are many interesting activities.

For singles, families and groups: Hellenikon Idyllion provides a lot of possibilities for everyone - even in the wintertime!  


Article published in the
"Frankfurter Allgemeine"(February 15th,1979)

The Greeks stay at home or in a cafe

 In winter to the classical sites - not only the summerwinds
 are famous days in the Apollonic light.

By Maja Grootendorst-Wagener

What do foreigners want here in such a dreadful season? What moves them to come here spotaneously? Athens! Yes, in Athens you can spend your time in a big hotel. And especially in the "boites", the long, narrow restaurants which owe their name to the similarity to a match-box.....

Museums are nearly empty in wintertime.One can look at everything very peacefully and visit the tomb street of Kerameikos where some of the most beautiful greek tombstones glow in the pale light.

The light! The celebrated, famous, always- glowing, Greek light! This is the reason to come again and again.

Wintertime in Ancient Corinth

Those who know Greece only in summertime, can't imagine what it does to you, this light. In summer the sky is rarely clear. Ofcourse the sun shines unremittingly, the sky is a cloudless, bright blue, but a haze hovers over land and sea, the horizon is fuzzy, the sight is miserable, the outlines are dull, the colours fading...

In winter the totally transparent, undimmed light awakens the marble. It sharpens the outlines and the shades of light. Painters of the Greek landscape, like Carl Rottmann, painted here from autumn to springtime........

Those sunny winter days with a springtime sun you won`t forget - even if there were only two or three in several weeks. They always infatuate and seduce you; those heavenly days, sent by Apollo to give pleasure to the miserable and frozen people, are the reason for the migration from north to south. In the south the sun is higher, so the days are heated up quickly to 20 degrees and more..

The most wonderful winter journey is to see the classical places in Delphi and on the Peloponnes. It`s the best way to avoid mass-tourism as there are only a few crazy people - as the Greeks think of them - who walk on the holy way or visit the castle of Agamemnon. The mournful events in the tower of Mykenae can much better be imagine on a rainy winter's day with dark clouds haunting the sky, than on a touristic high- season summer's day. The grave of Klytaemnestra lies in darkness and doesn't one expect her to arise at any moment out of the depths with blood-covered hands...?

What can a visitor expect? You can`t foretell: once we had breakfast outside in the sunshine everyday for a whole week. Another winter at the same time of year:Thunderstorms and nothing but rain, rain and more rain...

Those who just want to escape the cold and the rain and want nothing but sunshine, should rather travel to the Islands of Spain or Portugual or to the Riviera. But those who like to be impressed by a grand landscape with permanently changing light-effects, those who like to meet friendly people open to foreigners and like to enjoy art treasures undisturbed should come to Greece in wintertime!


! Hellenikon Idyllion: A cultural place of regeneration !

“Hellenikon Idyllion” is a holiday place in the middle of an idyllic garden in the North- West of the Peloponnese and is set in centre of the village “Selianitika”.

The village is about 6 km away from Egio, 30 km away from Ptras and 180 km away from Athens.

We provide cheap accommodations (About 90€ a week) for Seniors from November to March and we only expect the people to support our project “Learning from each other”. In addition to this our guests are allowed to pick and harvest our fruits and vegetables whenever they want to.  

So why is “Hellenikon Idyllion” the perfect place for seniors and retired people?

Easy to answer:

“Hellenikon Idyllion” is not a concrete block in an overcrowded and never sleeping city.

It is a cultural and artistically inclined holiday and meeting center, where in house and garden muses, nature and spirit in creativity coincides.

With this in mind we run the project “To learn from each other” in the months of winter (from November to March).

This project is about sharing your knowledge and your abilities with the other guests for a few hours a day.

 But this is not everything that “Hellenikon Idyllion” can offer you.

We have three pianos, one grand piano in the garden, one cello, one contrabass, a guitar, a drum set, a collection of notes, a collection of Greek and classical CD’s and five PC’s with internet access, which is also wireless, so that you can also use the internet form your laptop in the garden

As you can see, we are not only focused on your musically und cultural interests, we are also offering the chance to stay in connection with  your family and friends at home.

Now if you think, that you cannot do anything else than learn and rest, you will be surprised.

“Hellenikon Idyllion” is also a great place for wayfarers and daytrippers.

From here you can hike through a great countryside or take a trip to many antique places such as Omphalos, Olympia, Corinth or Mycenae, with public transportation or your car. 

All in all “Hellenikon Idyllion” is the perfect place for active and musically senior citizens, who are interested in culture and\ or love to hike.

If you want some more information about the holiday possibilities from November to March and about “Hellenikon Idyllion”, visit our new  homepage


          Greek music in Hellenikon Idyllion!! click Video 244 KB