Traveling and Hiking routes

Trips to ancient sights by bus, train or taxi

For detailed informations for individual travellers, please look at our leaflet which you will get at your arrival. We are looking forward to answering your questions!
Besides the individual program we offer guided hikings at the end of november until the beginning of december. For more information click Program.


Selianitika: see arrow  

Walking  two little islands  Trisonia in the opposite of Hellenikon Idyllion
                                                                                                         The  islands  Trisonia in the opposite of Selianitika

Day-Trips to ancient Sites

Zeus -Temple in Olympia, a drawing reconstruction

ancient Theatre in Ilis, Olympia, Temple in Basai

Delphi and the ancient grotto Kyrikeion Andron, where the Greek gods were worshiped and the  Byzantine convent Ossios Lukas

Mykene, reconstruction by Joseph Hoffmann

- Old Korinth, Mykene, Tyrins, Epidauros two ancient theatres with summer-festivals
- ancient theatres of : Aigeira, Sikyon, Argos, Epidaurus (great and small),
  ancient Korinth, Heraion- Temple, Isthmia, Tyrins, Mykene Megara , Eleufsis, Athen -Akropolis and
   National Museum


Walking to an old monastery


- Artemis- Temple near to Kalavrita. Ancient theatre of  Kleitoreia .
  Sometimes you can connect a trip to an ancient site with a  hiking-tour.
- ancient site Feneos and other sites in combination, like Leontion    

Ski resort Kalavrita/Chelmos

Day- or Halfday-Hikes

- old wine cellar in Achaia- Clauss & Mykenic graves;
- walk in a  biotop in Kato-Achaia

walk on the Trisonia island in the gulf of Korinth, motor-,sailingboat-trips             


- Ancient Egeira theatre

small temple of Gaion-Xoanon with its cupola

- countryside of the absorbed ancient city of  Helike (right now you can see excavations) 
For more photos and informations about Helike click


- along the roots of the ancient city Keryneia on a tableland

Ancient Keryneia - theatre not  yet excavated

The 2500year old track to the ancient Kerzneia and its theatre....An inimitable and wonderfull hike !!

-  along the roots of the old city Boura in the hills
-  to the lake of Stymphalia and the ancient temple of Demeter

South:  unusual adventures in nature in the province of Achaia 

- to the Taxiarchon monastery on the rocks

A natural wonder on the way to the monastery Taxiarxon

 - to the Pepelenitsa monastery under the rocks         
 - to Aijannis monastery with a marvellous view to the whole gulfe of Korinth 

 - The way to to Plataniotissa, a church in the middle of a  platane-tree (!)

 - to the rediscovered ancient city Rypes where a temple is digged out
 - wonderful tour by rack- railway through a breathtaking gorge convents Mega Spileon 
    and Agia Lavra monasterys
 - Kastria grotto with small lakes, valley with pisci culture and an Artemis-temple 

 -  lake  Tsivlos and river Krathis (where you can swim), Peristera -village and from there to the mount

          Lake    Tsivlos          

 Swimming in a mountain-lake and in the river

Helmos where is the mythological fountain of  Styx



                                                                                                                                    In the Styx !!


  Day - or Halfday - excursions

- Patras (museum, ancient theatre, castle, St.Andrew-church, harbour...)
- visite of festivals and other performances (big carneval in winter)                                                
- island Zakynthos

North and Northwest:
pittoresque small town Galaxidi (archeological museum, Mykenic
  graveyard, old church, harbour,...), Nafpaktos (harbour, castle, wall...)
-ancient theatre of Oiniades with summer-festival of greek tragedies

East and Southeast:  
- Egion (archeological museum, church...)
- nice city Nafplion with a lot of wonderful buildings like museum,
  harbour,  Akropolis, Bourzi island, 

   Two-days trips to ancient sights and other famous places

West and Southwest: 
ancient  sights Ithomi  and Messini, island Kefalonia and  Ithaka
-to Kalamata, ancient palais of Nestor,                                                                                                           

-ancient Argos -theatre, Sparta (museum and ancient theatre) 
-byzantinic town Mystra and ancient theatre of Megalopolis
-very close the mediaeval city Monemvasia and Diros grotto by  boat- island Hydra  

-Meteora-monasteries on the rocks        

A  three days trip around the Peloponnes  will lead you to all important  places. We will help you to organize the transfer and the accomodations for groups and individualists as well.                                                   


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