One 2-room appartment   with a bedroom and a combined bed-/living-room, kitchenette, shower/WC, a small  stairway leading to the front garden with a view to the sea; capacity for max. 6 people.

Vine is growing up since 2005 to the verandas and as well to the roof  patio. Left side a big pear.

The main house from south sight.

When Alexander the Great met the cynical philosoph Diogenes in Korinth, he asked him: "What is now your greatest desire?", and Diogenes answered: "Please go a step aside, because I cannot see the sun!"

In the Hellenikon Idyllion people don't live in barrels yet, which can be turned to the sunlight, but there are a lot of Hollywood- swings, and so you can choose to rest relaxed and philosophize in the shadow or in the sun...

The One 1 1/2-room apartment 

One 1-room mini-studio   with a romantic atmosphere, cooking facilities, shower/WC, large front garden with a  view to the sea; capacity for max. 2 people.

For those who fancy a romantic atmosphere there is a separate    small mini-bungalow  about 15 m from the beach,  offering a double bed on a wooden gallery, a single bed downstairs, a kitchenette and shower/WC.

The Minibungalow

Furthermore, there are  two bungalows  connected with each other but being separate (about 40 m from the beach).  Each of them has 2 large rooms with separate entries and terraces, 2 double beds, a kitchen, shower/WC/ bidet.  One of the bungalow also has a gallery with an additional double bed; capacity for max. 8 people.

 The garden in front of the two bungalows ,40 meter from the beach

 The garden behind the two bungalows

From our garden !!!


The equipment
All beds at Hellenikon Idyllion are provided with health matraces. All apartments are equpipped with furniture made from chemically untreated wood and the floor is covered with natural stone flags. Various covered verandas. In the main house there is a club room with an open fire-place (fire-wood for free) and a library; newspapers and magazines on common order, sharing the costs; TV and Video. Next to the club room you can find a chambermusic room in a glass pavillon in the garden with a grand-piano,  2  pianos, an e-piano, a Cello, a contrabas for rehearsals and  concert.

 The club room with an open fire-place

Price Notice
Accomodation from 90 Euro, (from 160 Euro, during high season) per person/weekly depending on the number people per room in bungalows and apartments with kitchenettes.

Are you a family or an individual traveller who would like to rent one of the above mentioned accomodations in or outside Hellenikon Idyllion? In this case please write us what house is most suitable to you, during what time would like to be here amd with how many people you are going to stay. We will send you our offer for the selected house as soon as possible. Costs are varying, depending on season and number of inquiries.

We offer generous reduction for various cultural projects and also if you join us as a course leader, a collaborator or as a musician. Details in section ‘Conditions for instructors and collaborators’

Staying at the "Hellenikon Idyllion" without lodging is possible but limited, with an increase of 50 Euro per person / per weekfor the use of the wide and idyllic garden with fruits, flowers, and grapes, situated directly at the beach. Further for using the rehearsal rooms, taking part in events of the house and for helping with organisation.

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If you  prefer a more private atmosphere there are the following opportunities:

In a 5- 7-room house  Villa Filareton   3 km east of Selianitika (200 m from the beach), a 5-room- and a 2-room- appartement with a large garden and view to the sea, quiet surrounding, living-room  with open fire-place (40sqm); 2 kitchens, 3 showers/WC, 1 bedrooms with balcony/veranda, capacity for max. 15 people, shopping facilities in the village of Rododafni in about 300 m distance.

A 2-room flat on the first floor of the Villa  Angelika  5 km west to Selianitika, situated directly at the beach, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, shower/WC, large veranda (30 qm); beautiful garden,  taverns  and the village of Lampiri are in 500 m distance.

For people loving the mountains there is an old 5-room 
Countryhouse  Filokalon  in the village of  Peristera 65 km south of Selianitika, in front of the  impressing mountain 'Chelmos' where is the mythological fountain of Styx (90 min by car from Selianitika), opportunity of swimming in the warm water of the river and a mountain lake.

You can find a detailed description  of those 3 houses on the page
Houses outside Hellenikon Idyllion

For further informations and the prices please contact:  

 Andreas Drekis tel. 0030 26910-72488 Fax-72 791 or

or mobil: 0030 6972263356              

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Hellenikon Hellenikon Idyllion

Andreas Drekis  , GR-25100 Selianitika/Egion ,  Phone:  0030 2 6910  72488 / Fax -72791 mobil  0030 6972 26 3356


Details of accommodation, rehearsal rooms and

facilities in Hellenikon Idyllion
with "fresh air in the night air condition Hitachi system" or and air -ventilators

11.03.2011 (subject to change)


Number persons

Detailed Description

No   01


 Small mini-bungalow For those who fancy a romantic atmosphere there is a separate  mini-bungalow about 15 m from the beach, with garden terrace with a  view to the sea; capacity for max. 3 people, offering a double bed on a wooden gallery, a single bed downstairs, a kitchenette and shower/WC     


No 02


2 ½ -room bungalow in the front part of the garden

30 meters to the beach. Sea view. Big garden terrace. Covered with shady grape-pergolas, framed by flowers, especially roses. Room 1:  2 double beds/ sofas/ for 4 persons  (fold-out) (if required + 2 single beds in the same room)


  Room 2: 1 double bed and 1 double bed/ sofa/ for 2 persons 

. . Two separate entrances


No 03


2 ½ - room bungalow in the front part of the garden

Sea view, roofed garden terrace, grape-pergola.

Framed by mandarin tree and flowers. . A small wooden stairway leads to the gallery with 1 double bed. 

Room 1:  2 double beds/ sofas/ for 4 persons  (fold-out)  Room 2: 1 double bed and 1single or 1 double bed/ sofa/ for 1- 2persons  (fold-out)  separate  Kitchen. Bathroom. Two separate entrances











No 07


    40  qm bungalow, with  a piano,  2 rooms  with 3 double beds, 4 single beds , one  kitchen and one  bathroom,. Big terrace in the garden. One entrance



No 10


2 rooms apartment in the first floor of the Villa. Southbound. Small stairway leads to the front part of the garden, sea view. 10 steps downstairs to the garden and garden terrace. (no terrace belonging to the apartment)  Reserved place with table and chairs.1 Bedroom with double bed.  Sitting room with 1 double bed  and 1dublebedsofa/ for 4 persons  (fold-out Kitchen and Bathroom without separate entrance. Kitchen and Bathroom is integrated in one of the two rooms.


No 11


2 ½ room apartment in the first floor of the Villa.

Next to apartment No 10. A small stairway leads to the front part of the garden with a sea view. Big roofed veranda framed by flowers, . Room 1:  2 double beds/ sofas/ for 4 persons  (fold-out)  Room 2: 1 double bed and  1 single bed , separate  Kitchen. Bathroom. Two separate entrances





No 12


1 ½ room apartment in the first floor of the Villa.

Roofed Veranda. Framed from Flowers.

Bed/ sitting room with 1 double bed and 1 single bed.

 Integrated kitchen. Bathroom.


No 13


2 ½ room apartment in the first floor of the Villa.

Roofed veranda

A stairway with only two steps leads to the garden. Southerly garden view. Room 1:  2 double beds/ sofas/ for 4 persons (fold-out)  Room 2: 1 double bed, and 1 single bed separate  Kitchen. Bathroom.

 And 2 single beds in  the anteroom
Two separate entrances







No 22


2 room Attic apartment. Second floor of the Villa.  Roofed Veranda of 10 square meters  with mountain view.

A stairway leads to the rear garden.

Room 1: (Entrance from the Veranda) 1 double beds/ sofa/ for 2 persons 

In Room 1 a small stairway leads to Room 2 on a second level. Room 2 with 1 double bed, 1 single bed.

Bathroom with a large tub (for two), kitchen.

Roof terrace of 40 square meters with Hollywood-swing. Panoramic sea view from there



No. 23


2 ½ room apartment on the second floor of the Villa (next to the 2 room Attic apartment). Roofed veranda

A stairway leads to the garden. Southerly mountain view.. A stairway leads to the garden. Room 1: 

1 double bed/ sofa (fold-out) and 1 double bed  for 4 persons   Room 2: 1 double bed and 1 single bed, separate  Kitchen. Bathroom. And 2 single beds in  the anteroom

 Two separate entrances









Lounge with piano, bibliothek next to the shared kitchen. Basement. Circa 30 square metres.








Rehearsal and concert stages



Stage 1

In the rear garden

70 square metres. Wooden floor. Roofed with a trans-parent plastic canvas cover (shady but diaphanous).

Big shady garden terrace on both sides of the stage with fruit trees and grape pergolas. This area offers additional space (100 square meters) for musicians, if required.



Stage 2

In the front part of the garden

50 square meters. Wooden floor. Roof with wooden bricks. Additional space (40 square meters) in front
of the stage usable for larger orchestras or choirs.


Pavilion with grand piano


Additional rooms for rehearsals
with piano,
see bungalow

No 07 and room No S 5.


Beside stage 1

35 square meters with a grand piano (Schimmel, 2,10 m).

The grand piano is placed on a movable podium (same height like stage 1) the grand piano easy can be moved on stage 1.

Close to the grand piano a fig tree grows through the roof and gives shade on the terrace.

All fruits in the garden are available for free for the guests. (grapefruits, lemons, oranges, grapes, figs etc)

Philosophers corner

Left-hand side of the rear garden

Framed by Roses, flower-pergolas, grapefruit-, orange- and misple-trees. With a big table for about 20 persons.
If required we can add more tables.


Stone oven place

In the rear part of the garden

A big stone oven beside an old palmfarn, under pergolas of grapes (from July until of January our guests can enjoy them) Nut-trees and kaki-trees. In front of the stone oven: a barbecue place, where is possible to prepare specialities for up to hundred persons.

Beside a party site of 80 square meters with 2 big table tennis-tables. They can easy changed into big
dinner-tables for meals and parties for large groups.


Canvas chairs and sunlounger

Several places in the garden

Under olive-trees, grape-pergolas and oleander. On Summer nights romantics can use the swings for spending the night in the garden.



Music instruments


Usable by arrange-ment in advance


1 grand piano (Schimmel, 2,10 m), 2 pianos, 1 e-piano (Technics 226),

1 cello, 1contrabass, 2 concert- orchestra tymbanys,1 drumset 2 congas
1 guitar, 1 mandolin, 1 old-greek Lyra,

General information


Apartments with kitchen have electrical hot plates, refrigerator and dishes. In every room ventilator. or airkondition
Electric heater available.

Shared kitchen: 1 washing machine. (Utilisation fee) Electric range with oven. 2 refrigerators. Dishes.

2 bicycles can be used by arrangement. (if required it is possible to organize more bicycles)

TV with satellite receiver if it is possible can be provided in several apartments (in the winter months) only by arrangement 3 weeks bevor arriving

(Also in the lounge)

Small collection of notes (Greek poetry for piano + chamber music)

Big CD – collection of classical music (may be used according to requirement)

1 Video beamer can be used by arrangement 2 weeks bevor arriving

Hi-fi System with CD player can be used by arrangement  2 weeks bevor arriving

Parking site: for 10 cars inside in the Hellenikon Idyllion area for our guests.