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Dear  visitors!                                                               

First of all I wish to thank you for your interest in our multi-artistic cultural vacation resort "HELLENIKON IDYLLION". I would also like to provide you with further information which might inspire you to spend your vacation here, as a combination of the work in your field of specialization and of the ambient of ancient Greece. Our vacation resort is situated directly at the sea shore, in a romantic garden, and it offers ideal conditions for organizing  open-air seminars and performances. Also, the ancient sites of Delphi, Epidauros, Mycenae and Olympia are in the same region, to be visited on a daily trip.
I am pleased to offer you the following facilities:

Idyllic environment

- 4000 m large 'Epicurean' garden (with mediterranean vegetation: fruit trees and flowers), placed directly at the sea, on the edge of the village Selianitika

Multi-artistic infrastructure

- covered and protected open-air theatre-/concert-/dance stage
- open-air stage
- separate pavillon with a concert piano ("Schimmel", 210 cm length)
- additional rooms for practice and teaching (with two pianos and one E-Piano)
- two concert tubes and one drum set (for classical music), 1 Contrabas.and 1 Cello
- organization of your concerts, performances, exhibitions, and lectures within the 
  "HELLENIKON IDYLLION" and in the near environment

Convenient geographic position

- easy to reach by train, car, ship (from Italy), or by plane (to Athens or Araxos/Patras), good bus
- good situated point for daily excursions to antique sites such like Delphi, Epidauros, Mycenae, Olympia or
  Athens (Acropolis).
- Selianitika, one of the most beautiful villages between Patras and Corinth, typical greek settlement in a
  natural, authentic landscape, placed between the sea and the mountains

Conditions for Instructors:

- the instructor receives the full amount of the course fee
- the instructor receives the accommodation free of charge (costs for the electric heating excluded) in the
  time from November to March.

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