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Hellenikon Idyllion

Last update : decembre 2004

Cultural-Management-Tourism workexperience and/or Webdesign-graphic-multimedia-IT-workexperience for 2 up to 26 weeks (or longer) possible during the whole year,including lessons in Newgreek

Conditions for trainees 2005

For graduates, students and everyone else who is interested

Cultural- and tourism workexperience also possible during winterdime.Winter-Special: New-Greek-Lessons.For students studying music and we offer the opportunity to rehears or/and give concerts on piano cello Konzertflügel, Klaviere, Cello, Kontrabass,
 Drumset, Pauken vorhanden) in the artistic cultural centre Hellenikon Idyllion which is located next to the sea at the Northwest coast of the Peleponnes


Trainees and guests learning Newgreek with Andreas Drekis (left)
at the end of novembre 2004

Tasks for trainees in cultural- and tourism management: 

- Development and Marketing of EU-projects and Hellenikon-Idylllions’ competitions
- Development of international scientific and cultural symposiums
- Application of advertising- and sponsoring strategies

- Completion of the correspondence, Translation of texts, fiile, archiving
Creating Concert posters, programs and invitations. Mailing and distributing them.
- Preparing the concert place and  stage in the garden before the concerts Receiving visitors of the concerts and, at the end of the concerts informing them about the further concert program
- Actualizing the Internet-Site (dates, concerts, corrections, insert video tie-clips etc.)

- Determining new partners, developing data bases with contact-addresses

- Developing and translating new informartion folders, take up and cut video-clips
- Guest support: Learn how to organize cultural symposiums in the garden and to prepare Ancient Greek specialities

    Important!  Presupport: Sense of responsibility and nature love; 7-8 h per week examination of the accomodations and garden work: picking up  leaves, cutting withered flowers, pour, remove weeds, shaping seat and couch places in good taste, control the linving-rooms for eventual lacks and cleaning them in urgent cases, if e.g.  the cleaning staff is absent.


Tasks for Webdesign-Trainees

- Improving and Updating the homepage with new media
- Creating short videofilms , aussprache-phonetischen Audios, Videoclips und Streamingvideos
- Creating newsletter Foren und Newsletter
- Internet-Marketing
- Creating of prospects and Plakaten Bildbearbeitung


- A. Depicting audio presentations of greek philosophical Quotation-texts
- B. Creating and developing competitions and advertise them
- C . Cooperation with the cultural-management trainees

New: Promotion project !
At the end of november 2004You will have at least 5 Newgreek lessons a week including self-studies.
( extra lessons are possible upon request) It is recommended to bring the corresponding textbooks

Learning from each other means teaching other people (e.g. pupils,trainees or teachers) in one's hobby/skills such as music,languages,arts,theatre or computer.
Implement events and experience the olive harvest. Learn how to inlay olives.
Learn how to cook ancient greek meals in the stoneoven, enjoy beeing together with other participants or studens and make music,dance oar play theatre talk about greek culture,language and philosophy We posses a libary with lots of german and greek books about greek culture, ancient Greek language, philosophy..German and Greek books about history mythology,arts, archae theology literature .We also have notes of classic and greek music

Students can apply at the Programm Leonardo da Vinci for a scholarship and if they stay at least 3 month they get about 400/500 Euros. You will get extra money of about 200/300 Euros when you can prove that you have learned Greek during the traineeship.You also get about 350- 450.- Euro for the journey.Ask in your university wheter they have information about the program.We had a lot of trainees who took advantage of this support.For the lessons you need the book " Griechisch aktiv“ by D.Mastoras ( Buske Verlag)

Working time,accommodation

For trainees the working time is 32 hours a week between April and October and 28 hours a week between Novembre and March (less working time to learn Greek more intensive).Several Computers are available.Work starts at 8 a.m. According to demand the work takes place in the city-office in Egio (6 km away), the transfer is free. Costs for the journey and return journey as well as food supply and Versicherung has to be borne.Many sorts of fruits and vegetables from the garden can be picked in summer as well as in winter with consideration for the guests..


........ If there are special events, Co-Workers and trainees working confidently and responsilby are invited to a meal in the taverns or to cheap trips with guests or groups .There are also special prices for co workers in the neighbour restaurant and the bar were you pay for example 5 Euros for a buffet


The only costs for the trainees are the costs for the accommodation with cooking opportunity and New Greek lessons. The costs from April until October are 55 Euros a week in a Mehr-Bettzimmer 75.- in a double room and 95 in a single room- if available.If you do your workexperience during Novembre and March the costs are 55 Euros a week, inlcuding electric heater and 95 Euros a week in a single room.

The costs have to be paid 4 weeks before the beginning of the traineeship.


Because our places of accomodation are limited please send us your CV and your possible dates of holidays or practical course at short-notice and on a long-term basis. On request we gladly send you adresses of guests who worked here or who did an practical training.

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