Hellenikon Idyllion 

Cultural inspiration in the summer

  "Odysseus and the Sirenes",  1909,  H. Dreiper

The aesthetic charm of the cultural and musical events 
that take place in the garden of the muses in Hellenikon Idyllion, 
seldom extent to the limit ..., that Odysseus had to experience with the Sirenes ...





Cultural inspiration in  the spring

When Alexander the Great met the cynical philosoph Diogenes in Korinth, he asked him: "What is now your greatest desire?", and Diogenes answered: "Please go a step aside, because I cannot see the sun!"

In the Hellenikon Idyllion people don't live in barrels yet, which can be turned to the sunlight, but there are a lot of Hollywood- swings, and so you can choose to rest relaxed and philosophize in the shadow or in the sun.  


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